Ventriloquist Figures - Amateur Dolls

Ventriloquist Figures - Basic Dolls (Amateur dolls)

These are basic style ventriloquist doll that has never been used. These dolls have a string that comes out of the back of the neck that controls the mouth operation.
No other moving parts on this style doll. For more moving options, check out our Upgraded Semi-Pro dolls.

Included with this doll is the carrying case and clothes shown in the photo. Inside the case is a handout titled “7 Simple Steps to Ventriloquism” which will give you instructions on how to perform the art of ventriloquism.

A good value and starter doll for beginning ventriloquists  Ideal for kids aged 3 years and above.

NOTES: Each character has its own unique characteristics. Lester and Charlie's mouth tends not to open as much as the other characters. Danny's head is a little smaller than the others. Please be aware that these features are from the manufacturer of the basic doll.

Understanding figure classifications

All dummy makers classify their dummies differently.Here at Braylu, we classify the dummies into four categories. 

1. Standard amateur -
Standard doll with the string out of the back of the neck with limited movement.

2. Converted semi-pro - Standard Upgrade
Standard doll that has been upgraded to have a hollow body and placed on a control stick that controls the mouth movement. The eyes are stationary.

3. Premium Upgrade - 
An upgraded semi-pro standard upgrade doll where there is moving eyes and wig 

4. Professional figures
Professional figures are complex custom figures. Typically they contain a hollow body, control stick, moving mouth, moving eyes. More advanced pro figures can have raising eyebrows, crossing eyes, upper lip sneer, moving ears, extended tongue and other features. This style is for advanced ventriloquists.